Our Goal is To Raise $500,000.00 and Build a Masjid

السلام عليكم Assalamu Alaikum, Peace be unto you !
Please join us in supporting a good cause on behalf of the Islamic Center of Far Rockaway.
We are raising money to build a Masjid.
Any donation will make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution!
If you can, please donate what you can afford. If not, share this campaign with friends and family and on your social media.
Or at least, make dua for us. May Allah reward you with goodness.
Our current Masjid is a rental, which is getting more and more expensive. We often struggle to barely pay the rent.
In light of many other issues we are currently facing at our present location, we figured it would be best to buy a place and make it into our own Masjid, rent-free. Our current location is very small. We can only accommodate 100 members, though our attendance is at least 150 or more in Jummah prayers. The inconvenience of parking also makes it difficult for brothers and sisters to attend Jummah and regular prayers. We also need an area for the sisters.
Besides, the wudu section and bathroom accommodations present inconveniences that would be best resolved if we were to get our place and fashion it to our needs.
Support our Masjid project so we can better serve the community and break free of expensive rent.
Remember, your reward is with Allah. And Your contribution will count as Sadaqah Jariyah.